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For the last 15 years Cazes has been using new viticulture methods which use the principals of a naturally healthy plant: the bio-dynamic principal.
Beyond the organic culture, natural work without pesticides or insecticides, the bio-dynamic culture is a total approach which acts on the true expression of the soil and the plant in their natural environment. It comes down to three basic actions :

- Using exclusively natural preparations in order to improve the resistance capacity of the plant and its ecosystem.
- Applying the preparations at specific times in the lunar cycle : the dynamic principle.
- Ploughing the soil

Work involved in bio-dynamic culture is above all caring for the soil. It’s about ensuring a balance, about creating harmony between the land, the plant and the environment. The plant will be stronger, the soil become not just something which supports the vine, but a source of life and energy for the plant and the air and environment surrounding it. The vine extracts the goodness from its land, from the living matter that surrounds its roots. It is this exchange between the biological makeup of the soil, the root system and the foliage which results in the grapes expressing the true character of the terroir and enhances their savours.

Today, CAZES has the largest organic and bio-dynamic estate in France.

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