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CAZES looks to propose wines demonstrating the richness of the Roussillon. Via priviliged partnerships with respectuf domaines from the region, CAZES is able to offer exceptional vintages resulting from the fabulous terroirs of the Roussillon.

The Hospices Catalans are dedicated to the first Catalan hospital, built in the 12th century in the centre of Perpignan. The Hospices Catalans are wines with robust personalities, typical of Roussillon, coming from clay and limestone soils and all made with organic grown grapes. Respect of the natural environment and our Catalan terroir is of the utmost importance to us. We have selected the best parcels of land from which we produce our Syrah, Grenache, Merlot and Muscat, in complete harmony with our Organic policy.                                                                                            We pride ourselves on our association with the region. Our supporty of the "Catalan Hospital Foundation", an especially worthy cause, is funded annually from the sales of our Hospices Catalans wines.

in Maury

Between the Pyrenees and the Corbieres mountains, spreading out in the shadow of the magical Cathar stronghold of Quéribus, Mas de Lavail provide wines which are powerful, well balanced with wonderfully rich aromas, fine tannins and glorious colours.


Latour de France is one of the richest "terroir" in France with a diverse soil. During ten years, there is an exclusive trade partnership between CAZES and Estagel Montner and Latour de France cellars with two wines : "Château Triniac", a delicately fruity red wine and "L'excellence de Triniac", maturated in barrel, with aromas of spice and ripe fruit.

COLLIOURE - http://www.notredamedesanges.net
Collioure is an exceptional "micro - terroir" and  a symbolic cutural and natural heritage in the heart of Roussillon. The cuvée "Notre Dame des Anges" is a selection of the best vines in Collioure, from the most renowned growers. CAZES manages carefully the wine makings and put all its know how into the elaboration of this wine, which gave birth to a fine and elegant blending, and a powerfulln red wine. All the profits of this cuvée will be put back into the association "Notre Dame des Anges, Terroir et Patrimoine", who's aim is to contribute to the maintenance and the restoration of the famous vineyards of Collioure.