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For 4 people
1,5 kg of white asparaguses step too large
300 g of puff pastry
1 whole egg
150 g of superfine butter
3 egg yolks
1 lemon juice
2 soup spoons full of fresh cream
White pepper

Peel asparaguses with sparing knife, points upwards.
Tie up out of ankle boot and to make them cook 25 minutes with salted ebullient water, preferably in a asparagus pan.
Drain and cut the bottom of the stems to 2 or 3cm of the base.
During the cooking of asparaguses, lower the puff pastry on 3 to 5mm thickness and cut out 4 rectangles equal of 10 there to 12cm out of 6 with 8cm. Whip whole egg in a bowl with a little water and whitewash the rectangles of layering with this gilding.
Make cook in the furnace with 180°C during a score of minutes. Leave the furnace and split them into two in the thickness to open them.
In addition, clarify butter by dissolving it all gently in a small pan and by foaming it.For the sauce, put the egg yolks in a thick pan, add 1 spoonful of lemon juice soup, 1 spoonful of halfcold water and salt.
Mix highly while whipping, then make cook with the ebullient bain-marie, always while whipping highly. When the sauce becomes sparkling and thick, pour the butter clarified continuously to whip. Incorporate the cream finally, with salt and pepper.
Lay out the base of the layerings in hot plates of service. Distribute cooked asparaguses, pour the sauce abundantly and pose the lid of layering over. To be served at once.

To drink with a Canon du marechal White from Cazes Estate.

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