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For 4 people
4 small burbots of 180-200 grams
20 mussels
1 liter of fish soup
8 pieces of bread
4 potatoes bintje
1/2 green pepper
4 coffee spoons of chopped garlic
4 soup spoons of chopped onion
2 soup spoons of crushed flat parsley
1 pinch of espelette pepper
1 coffee spoon of daffron powder
1 egg yolk
40 grams of fatty
rancid bacon preferably
1 coffee spoon of mustard
15 cl of olive oil
salt Flower

Preheat the furnace in position grill.
Prepare a garlic mayonnaise:
In a container, mix 1 egg yolk with a coffee spoon of mustard, 2 coffee spoons of chopped garlic coffee, salt and pepper.
Then incorporate gradually while mixing the 15 Cl of olive oil.
Peel and cut 4 bintje potatoes in flakes.
Dissolve in a casserole 40 grams of rancid fatty bacon cut in small dices.
Add and make sweat 1/2 green pepper, 2 coffee spoons of chopped garlic, 4 soup spoons of onion, while mixing with a wooden spatula.
Add 2 soup spoons of crushed flat parsley, a good pinch of espelette pepper, 1 coffee spoon of powder saffron, potato flakes, mix a pinch of salt flower and wet well with 1 liter of fish soup.
Carry to quivering, cover and let cook during 8 minutes.
Salt and pepper 4 small burbots on each face.
After 8 minutes of cooking, withdraw the casserole of the hotplate, lay out the small burbots, cover and reserve.
As a preliminary, scrape well and clean 20 mussels.
Put the mussels in a quite hot poêlon, pepper them, mix, carry to sharp fire and let the mussels well open.
When they are opened, distribute them in the casserole, always cover and reserve out of fire.
Paste 8 sections of bread with aioli, pass them 1mn30 under the grill of the furnace, withdraw when the bread is roasted.
To be used the "bullinada as angler and moulds" in hollow individual plates, accompany it by small garlic mayonnaise toasts, serve the remainder of garlic mayonnaise out of saucer.

To drink with a Canon du Maréchal red from Cazes estate.

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