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For 8 people

1 liter of milk
1 untreated orange
1 untreated lemon
1 cinnamon stick
4 whole eggs
5 egg yolks
25 grams of flour
100 grams of powder brown sugar

For the milk in a pan and carry it slowly to boiling.
During this time, take the peel of orange and the lemon after having washed and dried them.
When milk starts to quiver, add the peels and the stick of cinnamon.
Cover and regulate fire on very soft heat to let infuse the perfumes during 15 minutes.
While this infusion lasts, break whole eggs in a pot, add the yellows and whip the mixture until it is thick and sparkling.
Then incorporate the flour and the starch of corn while taking care to eliminate the curds.
Withdraw the milk pan of fire and pass the liquid, then pour it in the pot while stirring up carefully until the mixture is quite homogeneous.
Put the cream on fire and whip without stopping, then make it cook gently during approximately 5 minutes.
It must have a quite smooth consistency. When the cream thickened, to withdraw the pan of fire and to pour its contents in a dish.
It must approximately form a 3 cm thickness layer. Let cool then put the dish in the refrigerator during several hours.
Preheat the grill of the furnace.
Pour the brown sugar on the top of the cream by forming a regular layer.
Place the dish under the grill during a few seconds until sugar caramelizes and forms a quite firm crust.
Supervise so that it does not burn.
To be served at once.

To drink with a Muscat de Rivesaltes from Cazes estate.

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