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For 4 people

1 chicken
160 gr of brown rice
10 Cl of fresh cream
2 onions
3 cloves of garlic
1 glass of water
1 cubbe of degreased poultry soup 
3 soup spoons of curry
salt and pepper

Plan 1 hour of marinade. Preheat the furnace at 210°C.(th.6).
Peel and slice onions. Press garlic.
Cut chicken of pieces and remove grease if necessary.
In a casserole, pour the glass of water, add the cube of poultry soup, the onions thin slices, pressed garlic, the powder of curry, salt slightly.
Let cook during 5 mn on sharp fire. Place the pieces of chicken in the casserole, pepper slightly, put in the oven and let cook 40 minutes approximately.
During this time, make cook rice with water while following the instructions on packet.
Withdraw chicken of the casserole and hold it with the heat.
Pour the cream in the casserole having been used to cook chicken, mix and let reduce sauce 3 or 4 mn.
Check the seasoning.
Be served hot, accompanied by the brown rice.

To drink with an Libre Expression from Cazes estate.

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