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For 8 people

1 kg of fresh foie gras
24 fresh figs
20 Cl of basic poultry soup
4 spoons with vinegar soup of Jerez or balsamic vinegar
4 spoons with olive oil soup
Caster sugar
Table salt of kitchen
ground White pepper

Wiithdraw the fine skin which wraps, the nerves of the liver and to cut out it in 16 escalopes.
Preheat the furnace at 180°. Wash half of figs, withdraw their skin, lay out them in a salad bowl and crush them using a fork.
Pour 2 spoons with olive oil soup and with normal oil 50/50 in a frying pan and make reduce figs compote, with soft fire, during approximately 5 minutes.
Add the vinegar and stew 5 minutes.
Prepare 20 Cl of poultry soup, starting from powder poultry bottom, while following the instructions indicated on the label and add it to fig compote.
Let cook 5 minutes, with soft fire, salt and pepper.
Wash and cut 16 other star figs.Place in a dish going at the furnace.
Charge and let it cook figs approximately 5 minutes. Make return escalopes of foie gras in a frying pan with 2 spoons of oil soup, 1 to 2 minutes on each face.
When it are well gilded put them in plates on paper absorbing for good to drain them.
Draw up in a tepid plate and decorate with figs cooked with the furnace.
Napper with figs sauce.

To drink with an Rivesaltes Aimé Cazes from Cazes estate.

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