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For 4 people

8 peaches
100 grams of dry almonds macaroons
60 grams of cleaned almonds
2 spoons with cocoa soup
125 grams of sugar
1 large egg
30 grams of butter
15 Cl of muscatel

Preheat the furnace at 180°.
Divide the peaches in two after having wiped them, withdraw the core and to hollow out the interior slightly.
Put the pulp in a pot and to cut it in small pieces, add macaroons and chopped almonds, then cocoa and half of sugar.
Closely mix then to incorporate beaten whole egg.
Butter a baking dish just large enough to contain arranged half-peaches one besides the others, skin below.
Fill the peaches with the mixing prepared previously, then sprinkle them with wine.
Powerder with the remained sugar and add the reamainder butter in pieces.
Slip the dish into the furnace with middle height and cook 30 minutes.
Serve gratin hot or to let it cool completely.

To drink with a Muscat de Rivesaltes from Cazes estate.

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